to B a LOG or not to B a LOG
Happy Easter Everyone!

I’m not particularly religious, but it seems a lot of the world and I take this opportunity to embrace the giving and receiving of chocolate? Is there anything wrong with this? I think not. Yes, to some this day represents more than chocolate and a lot more than the Easter Bunny. But is it right to take a special religious day, inhabit Christianity and pretend we know what this day represents? 

Here’s a little summary of what today is supposed to be about: click me!

In my opinion we all have different celebrations and reasons for today. Be them religious or not. We live in the 21st century and a day when we all come together, to celebrate something as one, is just what we all need to keep a bit of happiness in the world! There’s a lot of bad about; we should just accept our differences and embrace each other! 

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I wrote about the meaning of life the other week, but now I’m contemplating other thoughts. I really do not understand the purpose of life! Everyday I try to make people happy, I try to make people proud, I try to make people feel good about themselves because I know how much it means when people are like that to me. It makes you feel good. But nothing ever really seems to go right or at least the way you wanted. Life just seems like such an overwhelming and confusing concept to me; I just don’t understand it.

We all judge people as well which really annoys me. As much as we like to believe we don’t care what other people think about us, everyone does!! You just can’t help it! Seeking approval and acceptance makes us feel wanted. I just don’t see the point of living life by somebody else’s rules, trying to make them happy all the time and losing track of getting what you want, being who you want to be and living out your own dreams. 

Sorry, I accidently deleted this question I was sent, but I totally agree if God existed he would be like that. No one really knows for sure though, I like to keep an open-mind.
philosophicalpoet asked:
"Well this is what I've inquired after much though on this complicated subject. It wouldn't make sense that God is some masculine figure sitting in somewhere within the universe commanding everything. God would have to be balanced between masculine and feminine. God would be Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. God would be perfect. God simply all that IS, essentially everything is a part of God. God is Spirit, and is something you can see everywhere. To truly connect with God begins within."
What do you believe God is?

To be honest, I’m not sure I believe that God does exist.

However, sometimes I do think that it’s nice to think there is someone/something watching over me and protecting me. To me, God doesn’t physically exist. God is someone different to everyone. He is a spirit, someone you can confide. It doesn’t matter what people thinks he looks like or is a he or a she. God is who you want him to be and as long as he acts as a comfort and a guidance nothing else should matter. God is personal to each person. 

But then again, I’m agnostic, soooo….


Why is it that we feel we can only be happy from material possessions? Well not everyone, but I know that a lot of the time I’m not happy unless I have some new item of clothing I’ve been lusting over for ages, and I hate being like this! 

Maybe people are like this because they need these pretty and costly things to seem superior of others. Like “yeah, I can afford this and you can’t”. I think with me, personally, It’s that nice clothes make me feel prettier! I never usually feel pretty, but that one little t-shirt, or the latest Topshop bag or a pair of Creepers can make so much difference! You feel like you’re worth something and if you’re wearing something expensive you feel important. It’s weird, but that’s my theory.

Clothes can make a person. It’s not always about showing off how much money you have. It’s about feeling good about yourself. 

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What is the meaning of life?

This question hovers around my mind repeatedly during the day. I’ll be walking around doing my dad-to-day routine and stop and think “why am I even doing this?”. I don’t know if what I am doing will be remembered, if it will effect anyone significantly or even matter? 

We do the things we do and hope that something will come out of it. For example, most people try to make something of their life… like to be a successful businessman, a celebrity. To be fair, many celebrities etc are remember years to come, decades after they have passed. But if the rest of us regular “nobodys” aren’t well-known is what we do important? Is there us any point in doing it if no one notices?

Why were we put on this earth and who wants us here? Is it merely atoms and a giant Big Bang from billions of years ago that created us all by chance dwindling down the population of creatures and beings one by one by survival of the fittest? Or is there a God? Is someone playing a giant game up in the sky using us as players?

Does it matter why we are here? I just keep on smiling and remember that although what I do doesn’t effect the majority, the minority of people that do matter to me and care for me, that I do effect, is enough reason for me to be here right now.

To be is to be perceived.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Again, I do not know! 

Surely a tree still makes a sound even if no one is there to hear it, but if no one if there to hear it how do you know it makes a sound? 

Berkeley believed nothing is real but minds and their ideas. Ideas don’t exist independently of minds. He said something exists only if someone has the idea of it.

I’m not sure if I agree or not! But I think that just because no one hears it, it doesn’t mean it is silent… logical, right? 

How can it be determined that my experience of consciousness is the same as anyone else’s experience of consciousness?

I don’t think this is EVER possible to know.

How do I know I’m not the only person alive in the whole entire world and that everyone I know is a figure of my imagination?

How do I know I’m even alive? Maybe I’m a ghost…

How am I supposed to know if my idea of living feels the same as someone else’s?

Do we all feel the same? Do we all have the same purpose in life? 

Maybe I’m living in a dream and I haven’t woken up yet? Maybe life is one whole dream… Like when you can’t remember what you dreamed about last night… your dream could be real life and what you think you be real life could be a dream as you forget it when you’re asleep and live out a whole (imaginary?) life in your “dream”.