to B a LOG or not to B a LOG

I wrote about the meaning of life the other week, but now I’m contemplating other thoughts. I really do not understand the purpose of life! Everyday I try to make people happy, I try to make people proud, I try to make people feel good about themselves because I know how much it means when people are like that to me. It makes you feel good. But nothing ever really seems to go right or at least the way you wanted. Life just seems like such an overwhelming and confusing concept to me; I just don’t understand it.

We all judge people as well which really annoys me. As much as we like to believe we don’t care what other people think about us, everyone does!! You just can’t help it! Seeking approval and acceptance makes us feel wanted. I just don’t see the point of living life by somebody else’s rules, trying to make them happy all the time and losing track of getting what you want, being who you want to be and living out your own dreams.